Cell Invasion: Decoding signaling pathways of metastasis

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The Sherwood lab aims to understand the mechanisms that drive dynamic cellular behaviors underlying normal development and cancer progression. Students in the lab will use C. elegans as an exciting, live model organism to examine cell signaling pathways involved in cell invasion. What signals drive a cell to invade? What signals act as a cell repellent? Currently we are exploring a role for WNT signaling in anchor cell invasion in vulva development. Exploring cellular communication pathways may reveal a novel mechanism of invasion that could lead to targets for future therapies of metastatic cancer. Students in the lab will gain in-depth knowledge of basic biological research, cell biology, C. elegans genetics, mutant allele analysis, RNAi gene silencing, CRISPR gene editing, and high resolution confocal microscopy.

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Sherwood Lab

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David Sherwood

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Eric Hastie

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Postdoctoral Fellow

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