Marine animal aquarium care

Project Description : 

This project is an entry-level position that focuses on marine aquarium animal care and maintenance. Our lab houses a substantial number of marine crustaceans, such as snapping shrimp, mantis shrimp, snails, crabs and grass shrimp, which require constant care and attention. We are looking for a student who would help us care for the animals and maintain the aquarium system while also attending lab meetings and becoming part of the Patek Lab team. This position is particularly well-suited for first-year students or students searching out a hands-on lab experience, but without a substantial scientific inquiry component (yet). This position has tended to evolve into a science-focused position in subsequent semesters.

This is a paid position and requires a solid time-commitment during daytime hours, up to about 5 hours per week.

In the application statement, please explain why you would find this experience valuable and how it matches your academic/career goals or just your personal interests.

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Patek Lab

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Sheila Patek

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Leah Fitchett

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lab manager

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