Project Description : 

The open-source software movement has made cutting edge data science
tools, such as the R statistical programming environment, widely accessible.
Similarly, the maker movement has made available low-cost but powerful
and flexible devices, such as the Arduino, that can be used to gather
information from the world around us.

The objective of this project is to merge these two domains, by first developing
a software interface between the data science interface (R) and the data
gathering mechanism (Arduino), resulting in Rduino. We will make this interface
a freely-available tool for the data science community.

We will then use Rduino to develop hardware modules that gather and analyze data.
Some examples of such data include environmental data, electromagnetic
spectra, audio data, and whatever else we find of interest. These modules will
serve as demos and tutorials for the Rduino project.

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Hoff Lab
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Peter Hoff

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Peter Hoff

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Lab manager

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