Understanding the brain through structural and functional analysis

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The purpose of this study is to contribute a more in-depth understanding of changes in brain and cognition due to aging. This study's primary objective is to collect high quality structural imaging data along with an extensive neurocognitive battery obtained on a large sub-sample of the Bryan Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC) Prevention Registry (ADPR). We will examine the relationship between white matter structure and cognitive flexibility throughout the lifespan, measured through standardized cognitive tests. Study participants will be recruited at random from the Duke ADPR and will undergo a structural MRI session, which will last an hour, followed by a behavioral session, lasting another hour. After 20-28 months, subjects will be contacted again and follow the same procedure of an MRI scan and behavioral testing in order to contribute to the longitudinal database. Behavioral testing will be measured through the use of 7 tests from the NIH Toolbox, and include domains such as vocabulary, executive function, cognitive flexibility, attention, and processing speed. This project will contribute greatly to the development both of the ADPR cohort, as well as developing our understanding of the progression of age-related change in network connectivity.

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Davis Lab

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