Please see the new Tutorials page if you are confused about a part of the process.

Who can apply to MUSER?
MUSER is designed to help Duke undergraduates have meaningful research experiences. At this time, only registered Duke undergraduates can apply to the program.

Which labs can post projects on MUSER?
Any research laboratories at Duke are welcome to post projects here.

Which projects should I apply to? Why can I only apply to 3 projects?
The three project limit is designed to encourage students to really think about the projects they're interested in, rather than just applying to all of them. If you read all the descriptions and they all sound perfect, then you might check out the "current application count" in the "Projects" tab. It gives a running tabulation of applications to projects and you might want to apply for a less popular project to increase your odds of getting into a lab.

I'm a mentor who posted a project previously; how do I post the same project this semester?
Log in and click on the "My Account" tab near at the top of the page. Then click on the "My Projects" tab. Click on the check box for your old project and then click the large "Publish button". You can also unpublish and delete projects.

What should I write in the application box when I'm applying to a project?
Here are some words of wisdom from the founder of MUSER, Prof. Sheila Patek, and a former student who obtained a position in her laboratory through this program.
Former student:
The first time I used this program to apply to labs (including Prof. Patek's lab), I was not accepted. Upon trying again I used a different approach. Instead of using a cookie-cutter application, I decided to focus on whatever lab seemed to suit me the best. I looked online and found what exactly the Patek lab was working on and who was working on it. I found elements of specific research that interested me and brought that to the table in both my application and interview. I came up with what I would want to do upon entering the lab and made sure to include that in my application. Now I'm doing my own research in a lab that genuinely interests me...
Prof. Patek :
This student's approach to getting into my lab worked really well. On his first try, I didn't even notice his application - it was too generic and didn't catch my eye. The second time he applied, he wrote a focused and informed statement that clearly indicated that he both wanted to join my lab and also he had an idea of how being in my lab would help his career/education goals. His application caught my eye and he did well in the interview.

Who runs MUSER and how do I contact them?
Prof. Sheila Patek in the Biology Department and Dr. Nyote Calixte in the Academic Advising office run the program. Given that there are just two of us, and many of you, please try to read through the website before sending email requests. If you are stuck, then email us at DukeMUSER@gmail.com.